A new daily soup set that you can enjoy at home or outdoors!

From September 21st (Wednesday), MISONOMI will start selling the “Daily Soup Set” series at the online store, where you can enjoy MISONOMI’s raw miso soup regardless of the scene, such as at home, at home parties, or outdoors. We have prepared 4 types of 4-meal sets that can be used casually on a daily basis under the theme of "making soup using raw miso more everyday". You can pour hot water into a paper soup cup and eat it right away, so you can enjoy it at home, carry it to a party, or enjoy it outdoors.

■ Product information Product name: Daily soup set (4 types of mix / 4 types of curry / 4 types of barley miso / 4 types of brown rice miso)
Price: 2,900 yen each (tax included)

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