Shipping policy

[Overseas shipping cannot be accepted.]

Shipping Company: Yamato Transport

Shipping fee: Flat rate of ¥1,200 nationwide. Free shipping for orders over ¥6,000.

Shipping date: The product will be shipped within 5 business days (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays). If you wish to specify a delivery date and time, you can do so from 7 days after your order. However, please note that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred delivery date and time due to weather conditions, traffic conditions, and the delivery area.

Checking shipping status: Please check the delivery status on the Yamato Transport website by entering the inquiry number.

Changing the delivery date and time: Basically, changes cannot be made before delivery. Please contact the delivery company after delivery to make changes.

*In case of absence: If you are not present at the time of delivery, the delivery company will leave a delivery notice and ask you to arrange for redelivery. The storage period for the package is 7 days from the first delivery date, and if the storage period expires, it will be returned to our company. Re-delivery of returned products will incur new return and delivery fees. However, we may refuse to resend the product depending on our judgment.