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MUGI gift box

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A gift set with 4 types of naturally sweet barley miso soup with vegetable bouillon, fish broth, and other spices

<Set contents>

・miso (4)
・ Monaka (4)
・ Dry ingredients (4)
・ How to make soup card

<Soup content >

(Carrot, goji berry and black sesame miso soup)

(Corn and cheese miso potage)

(White fugus and kelp plum miso soupp)

(Cherry shrimp and radish miso soup)

<About miso used>

Additive-free barley miso made from bare barley and salt. Compared to rice miso, it contains more dietary fiber and glutamic acid. Potassium and vitamins B1 and B2 are doubled, and calcium and iron are tripled.

Food ingredient display





nutrition information

(per 31g per piece)
Energy 83kcal, protein 1.7g, fat 0.6g, carbohydrates 17.9g, salt equivalent 1.73g

(per 30g per piece)
Energy 88kcal, protein 2.9g, fat 2.4g, carbohydrates 13.9g, salt equivalent 1.90g

(Per serving 26g)
Energy 55kcal, protein 1.3g, fat 0.2g, carbohydrate 13.1g, salt equivalent 2.05g

(Per serving 24g)
Energy 56kcal, protein 1.4g, fat 0.2g, carbohydrates 12.3g, salt equivalent 1.72g

Allergy information

(28 items such as specified raw materials)

wheat, sesame

*This product factory manufactures products containing soybeans, wheat, milk, and shrimp.


About how to eat

① Open the monaka from the bag and place it on a plate.

② Open the dried ingredients from the bag and place them on top of the monaka.

③ Set the round miso in the cup on top of the dried ingredients.


④Pour about 200ml of hot water

⑤ After 1 minute, mix the miso well and enjoy.



About shipping and delivery

<About shipping>

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<About delivery>

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・After confirming your order, we will proceed with the shipping procedure and send you an information email after shipping.
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Noshi and Gift Cards

・We do not offer services such as enclosing gift cards.
・You can use the message sticker free service.
・We provide a free carrier bag service. If you would like a carrying bag, please check the check box at the time of purchase.