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Zucchini, okra, and hemp seed miso soup

Brown rice miso is coated with hemp seed, a superfood with a nutty aroma. Add zucchini and okra which are known to have high-nutritional contents.

<About miso used>

Made only from Kyushu-grown brown rice, soybeans, and Teshio natural salt, this miso does not contain any additives. It contains a lot of dietary fiber, iron, vitamin B1, calcium, etc. The salt content is 7.9%, which is healthier than regular miso (10-12%).


Food ingredient display

Brown rice miso (brown rice, soybeans (domestic), salt), dried spinach, glutinous rice flour, dried okra, pumpkin seed, vegetable bouillon (salt, vegetable extract powder, garlic, yeast extract powder, etc.), hemp seed, (some including sesame)

nutrition information

(per 27g per piece)

Calories 70kcsl, protein 3.0g, fat 1.7g, carbohydrates 10.8g, salt equivalent 1.96g

Allergy information

(28 items such as specified raw materials)

soybean, sesame

*This product factory manufactures products containing soybeans, wheat, milk, and shrimp.


About how to eat

 1: Open the package of mochi and place it on a plate or similar.

2: Open the package of the dried toppings and place them on top of the mochi.

3: Place the round miso from the cup on top of the dried ingredients, and set it in a soup cup or bowl.

4: Pour about 200ml of hot water and wait for 1 minute.

5: After one minute, please mix the miso well before eating.

About expiration date

[Expiration date] If refrigerated, consume within 2 weeks from arrival.
If frozen, please consume within 1 month from arrival.

How to save

In order to keep the taste, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator or freezer even if it is unopened after purchase.

About shipping and delivery

<About shipping>

* Uniform nationwide: 1,200 yen (tax included)
* If the total purchase amount is 6,000 yen (tax included) or more, shipping is free .

<About delivery>

・We will deliver by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. cool frozen flight.
・Usually, we will ship within 5 business days (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays) after placing your order.
・After confirming your order, we will proceed with the shipping procedure and send you an information email after shipping.
・Please note that it cannot be arranged because it is a cool frozen delivery.
・If you want to specify the delivery date and time, you can specify it after adding the product to the cart.

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Designated date: 7 days after the date of purchase ~ plus 7 days

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